About the Authors

Other Side of Indiana is a project written by Cleveland Dietz II, photographed by Cleveland Dietz II and Trent Deckard, and filmed by Trent Deckard.

Trent lives in Bloomington, Indiana and I live in Ellettsville, Indiana.  We met when we worked together at a local factory.  Trent was into geocaching and introduced me as a way of exploring our local environs.  Later on, I watched a movie about urban exploration and that became a part of our lives.  This site documents the sites around us–the abandoned, the broken, the hidden, and, sometimes, the set aside (little known parks or local histories).

Occasionally, other people appear in the stories.  In the interest of protecting their identities, unless given specific permission, their names will be shortened to a first name and a last initial unless their first name is ridiculously uncommon.  In that case, I’ll just change their name entirely without announcing it.

Our past adventures are being posted slowly as I learn more about the locations and provide context/pictures for the videos Trent made.  New adventures will be posted as  they occur.  My goal is to keep this website from collecting superfluous content by only posting stories relevant to our adventures and points of interest in Indiana.


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